Become a Trainer!

The revolutionary workout and fun workout is here and we want you to join us as a trainer at Kutara. We can come to your gym to train you and can certify you as a new trainer once you’ve completed our course.

Improve the health of those around you and develop your passion for the rhythm. Now you can buy our training
Kutara Band - Basic and take the first step to become one of our trainers.

Diana Pagano

Training Manager

La vita é un brivido, dobbiamo viverla.
La vida es una emócion, hay que vivirla.
Life is a thrill, we must live it.

Sandra Villafruela Fadrique


Cogere impulso hacia atras, las veces que necesite para poder seguir hacia delante...

Roxanne Shawki


Kutara Fitness in Germany – Just one Step.

Melany Bergés Gamez


The limit is up to you

Beatriz Valcarce Arias


There comes a time in life when you need to stop, see where you are and think where do you want to go.

Alicia Leal


To change things you have to start by changing yourself.

Johana Haidar


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