Kutara Band Training - Basic

This structured exercise will help you control the Kutara Band, our innovative exercise elastic band that supports various movements, boosts results and offers functional training that can take place anywhere. Train your body for balance, coordination, strength and endurance through fun movements that develop all your muscle groups.

The Kutara Band Training place emphasis on preventing any possible injury and results in improved balance, posture, flexibility and more toned and lean muscles. We make exercise enjoyable, injury-free and functional as it should be. Once you master this basic training, you can literally take your Kutara Band and get fit anywhere: from your bedroom, at the park, in your office, you name it!

Kutara Band Training - Conditioning

Kutara Band Training - Conditioning is a new cardiovascular activity that improves physical conditioning through blocks of exercises that combine elements of strength training, fitness and dance. This 30-minute workout uses the Kutara Elastic Band and the rhythm of music to create a series of endurance exercises. The circuit of exercises features interval training that stimulates all muscle groups, resulting in enhanced muscular capacity.

Aerobic training, anaerobic, strength and stability isometric exercises are used to improve health and performance in different joints and muscle groups. Recovery is done through synchronized, passive stretching of all muscle chains. What’s more, the Kutara Band Training - Conditioning also helps reduce stress, control blood pressure, prevent diabetes and reduce energy expenditure and is suitable for everyone, especially those looking to lose weight.


The Kutara Stability activity uses its three circular elastic bands as an element of strength to strengthen and strengthen the different muscle groups of our body. The Kutara Stability training method is based on improving physical condition and increasing physical performance, fundamentally using the control of breathing throughout the exercise.

The session of 45 mit duration, will be performed by isometric exercises, creating a connection of our neuro-muscular system to strengthen and prevent the musculature of any possible injury.

The structure created by Kutara Fitness is based on the foundation of the Pilates method based on mind control, breathing and relaxation of our body, with fluid movements in the ground and the help of the circular elastic band designed by Kutara. The practitioner can learn the correct posture and perform different exercises without impact, improving strength, endurance, coordination and stability, raising the level of health in our body.

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