We’re Kutara

Born in California, Kutara Corporation is here to introduce you to Kutara, a unique class of fitness unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is a way of life, a real change in attitude that unites sports, music and fun. So what exactly is Kutara? Kutara, also known as Kutara Band training, focuses on collective sports training using our innovative elastic band and customized fitness clothing line used by top athletes. The Kutara elastic band provides your body with balance, coordination, and strength training which allows you to develop all muscle groups together and helps improve posture, balance and flexibility. More importantly, the Kutara Band training prevents possible injuries through simple movements and once learned, this fun workout can be done anywhere whether at home, in the park or even on the beach. If you’re looking for a combination of exercises to develop your passion to rhythm, or simply want to improve your body and health without being connfined to the traditional gym experience, we think you’d love Kutara as much as we do!